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phot test de paternité


DNA test of biological paternity

paternity test

Description of the paternity test

The paternity test is based on the analysis of genetic material (DNA) of the alleged biological father and child. Using the techniques of chain reaction (PCR) and capillary electrophoresis STR (repeated short DNA fragments) markers are analyzed, whose combination forms the DNA profile, practically unique to each individual.

In this test, the child’s DNA profile is compared with the DNA profile of the alleged biological father. Since an individual has two copies or alleles of each marker, one inherited from the mother and one from the biological father, for each marker one of the two alleles of the child must match one of the alleles of the alleged father if he is the biological father.

Although the test can be performed only with samples of the alleged father and child, it is always advised the participation of the mother, because it gives greater certainty to the test. Besides your participation mean you should accept the obtained results.

Our laboratory offers you two options to perform the test in order to fit your needs better:


In the standard test, 16 STR’s markers are analyzed and are compared the ones of the child with the alleged father. The minimum reliability in this DNA test reaches 99’99%.

The results are obtained very quickly, just 3-5 days after the reception of samples.


The Premium Test is intended for those who want to ensure the obtained result since in this case you get a 99’9999% reliability by analyzing a total of 23 STR markers.

You can order the kit filling in the form; in the kit you will find all the material needed to take the sample yourself.

In just 3-5 working days after getting the samples in the laboratory, you will receive the results by email and / or postal mail.

If you have any doubts or your case is special and it generates doubts to you, do not hesitate to contact with our laboratory and our experts will assist and advice you.


Test Type
Additional person
What test should I choose?
199 €
90 €

This is the standard paternity test and like all our services has high reliability with a 99.99% accuracy. Results are available in 3/5 days.

299 €
150 €

This paternity test is indicated when you need maximum precision. This test has 99'9999% accuracy. The results are available within 3/5 days.

If you want to reduce the waiting time of the results, you may request EXPRESS SERVICE ANALYSIS. This service guarantees delivery of results within 24/48 hours from receipt of all biological samples in the laboratory. This special service is an additional cost of 150 €. We recommend contacting the laboratory (93 390 54 54 · · · 91 005 90 40) before contract this service.

You can order the kit to collect DNA samples by clicking KIT TO COLLECT DNA SAMPLES , or by calling 93 390 54 54 or 91 00 59 040, our experts in forensic genetics will assist you from Monday to Friday and from 10:00 am to 18.00 pm . Once we receive the full payment of the test or a deposit we will send you the kit to collect DNA samples and you will receive it in 48 h.

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